Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War is now available in a hardcover collection

If you’re a big fan of Marvel’s crossover of Fortnite, you’ll be very pleased to know that perhaps the battle royale game’s biggest crossover has a hardcover edition. These comics connect the Stan Lee masters of film and comics with Epic Games’ multiplayer shooter in one special book. Fortnite x Marvel

The comics take place on a version of the island where a never-ending war is going on. Still, thanks to the Zero Point fragment entering the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Suri will help the Fortnite characters fight back and try to overcome the Imagined Order! It is. It’s a pretty nifty story that’s more about fan service than anything else, but it also comes with codes for various Fortnite items, including the Iron Man Zero Outfit.

Fortnite x Marvel Season 4

Season 4, the third chapter of Fortnite, was actually a bit quieter on the Marvel front, despite the appearance of Gwen Stacy in Battle Pass and marketing. There are always rumors of more crossovers and other characters that fans would like to see, and many of them will come to fruition, but for once the crossovers are going to be on both ends of the spectrum.

After all, a “Fortnite Star Wars” crossover is not going to have Jonesy flossing in the background of a “Mandalorian” episode. That’s definitely something we’d like to see, but we believe Marvel is the only IP so far to have done a true crossover.

If you are a little nervous about the end of the third chapter of Fortnite, we suggest you put in a little effort to ensure that you can complete the quests in the Fortnite Herald. We also always think you should look through our Fortnite Tips and Tricks, because knowledge is always power.

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