The Marvel Snap Collector’s Token works like this

Featured on the Marvel Snap Collector development roadmap ahead of the global launch, Collector’s Tokens are a new form of currency intended to allow players to save up and purchase specific cards they want. While a launch date for Collector’s Tokens has not yet been set, Second Dinner provides more information on how they work, along with a sneak peek of the new cards coming in Pools 4 and 5.

Token Shop

Marvel Snap Collector has a new in-game Token Shop where players can spend all of their Marvel Snap Collector Tokens. Players will be able to hoard tokens once they reach CL500, which goes into the Collector’s Cash and Reserve.

In contrast to the variant store, the token store is updated every eight hours. In addition, cards can be pinned to the store, so they can be stored there until there are enough tokens to keep them from disappearing in the rotation. Cards in Pool 3 cost 1,000 tokens, cards in Pool 4 cost 3,000 tokens, and cards in Pool 5 cost 6,000 tokens.

Series 4 cards

The Second Dinner then also teased new maps for Pools 4 and 5. Pool 4 cards are available in the Collector’s Reserve, and you have a chance to pull them even if you have not completed your Pool 3 collection. However, they are 10 times rarer than Pool 3.

  • She-Hulk: Each unspent energy of the last turn costs 1 less.
  • Titania: If ONE card is played at this location, that card is switched face-down.
  • Luke Cage: Ongoing. Your card cannot be reduced in strength.
  • Absorbing Man: When published. If the last card you played had the On Reveal ability, this card copies it.
  • Maria Hill When revealed. Add a random 1-cost card to your hand.
  • Agent Coulson On Reveal. add a random 4 and 5 cost card to your hand.
  • Helicarrier When you discard this from your hand, replace it with 3 random cards.
  • M’Baku: If this is in your deck at the end of the game, jump to a random location.
  • Atuma: If there are any cards left here at the end of the turn, destroy them.
  • Orca Ongoing. +5 power if you are the only card here.

Series 5 Cards

Pool 5 cards are 10 times rarer than Pool 4 cards, and Second Dinner has stated that all new cards will be temporarily added to this pool. This includes season pass cards.

  • Galactus At the time of publication. If this is the only card in this location, all other locations will be destroyed.
  • Valkyrie Ongoing Ongoing: Reduce the power of all cards in this location to 3.
  • Super Skrull Ongoing. Has an ongoing effect on all enemy cards.
  • Suri When revealed. Double the power of the next card played.
  • Bust When revealed. Reduce the power of all cards in your hand to 3.
  • Thanos: At the game’s beginning, shuffle 6 Infinity Stones into your deck.

When Will Collector’s Tokens Go Live at Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap’s next season, “The Power Cosmic,” will officially go live with Collector’s Tokens and Token Shop on Tuesday, December 6.

This new feature will be available to players worldwide as soon as the new season begins.

What are collector’s tokens in Marvel Snap?

Collector’s Tokens are the new currency in Marvel Snap. Collecting tokens will allow you to purchase certain cards directly from the Token Shop.

What is the Marvel Snap token store?

If you have enough collector’s tokens, you can go to the Token Shop and purchase specific cards. There is always only one card available, but it is replaced every 8 hours, so there are always new cards for sale.

If there is a card you want, but you don’t have enough tokens, you can pin that card, so it doesn’t rotate. This allows you to collect more tokens and not miss out on the card you are looking for.

Note that if you are a new player, you will need to unlock the token store. This is unlocked by reaching collection level 500.

Below is a brief description of the number of tokens required for the various cards in Marvel Snap.

  • Series 3 Card: 1000 Tokens
  • Series 4 Card: 3000 Tokens
  • Series 5 Card: 6000 Tokens

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