The Fortnite: Chapter 4 release date has been announced | What’s new in this chapter?

Are you excited about the coming holidays, Fortnite Chapter 4? Totally about the occasion and the party, but also about the new Chapter of Fortnite! Have you collected all your rewards from Chapter 3, Season 4?

And if you are not yet updated on this new era, let us walk you through all the information you need. Chapter 4 of Fortnite has begun! We’ll have release dates, new information, leaks, and a little bit about Creative 2.0.

Fortnite Chapter 4

At the moment, Fortnite players are just enjoying all the latest content that Epic Games offers each season of the game. However, when it comes to talking about Fortnite chapters, it’s something else. Before the year is over, Fortnite will announce new chapters on the way, and here are the details starting with Chapter 3, Season 4.

Well, Chapter 3, which has been running for a year, is coming to an end with Season 4. According to the official Fortnite website, the chapter will end in a few more weeks, on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

The end of this era is confirmed by a tweet from Fortnite. A Finale Event will occur on the same day as the end, and it is called Fracture, so stay tuned.

And while there’s still time, collect all the rewards you can get from the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass because Spider Gwen would be great to have winked. Complete the quests, collect the goodies, and watch Chapter 4 with us!

Let’s move on and take a closer look at Chapter 4. New chapter events are a rare sight for Fortnight players, but the seasons are always changing. Now we expect the best in this coming era, don’t we?

What’s more, the date above means that Fortnite Chapter 4 is just around the corner. Oh, and did I mention the holidays? That means the next era of Fortnite will officially begin on Sunday, December 4, 2022. When Fortnite releases a new season, you’ll be used to at least 10 hours of downtime, and this time will be no different.

What’s new?

Oh, we know that Fortnite data miners never do when it comes to what’s coming or what’s new in December. Of course, the details below are subject to change, and these are just possibilities that leakers and data miners have seen.

First-Person Camera Mode

HYPEX, a data mining company that probably every Fortnite player knows, has Tweeted about the possibility of a First Person Camera (POV) mode in the game. This may have gotten players, especially those who like to play Zero Build Modes, hyped!

Epic Games may have started developing this camera mode in Chapter 3, Season 3, so hopefully, we will get this when the next chapter starts!

Skating and skateboarding

If you have been around since the hoverboard era of Fortnite, maybe you will love this possibility too! Also, in June, HYPEX mentioned that Epic Games has been working on skate mechanics and skateboards as vehicles in the game. Maybe we can expect to see this in “Fortnite” Chapter 4, Season 1.

Hmmm, aside from skateboarding and skating, have you ever thought about riding a motorcycle or an animal in Fortnite? Well, according to HYPEX, there are two of the five major spill things to look forward to in the next chapter. We’ll have more on that in December, which is exciting.

Creative 2.0, AKA Unreal Engine for Fortnite

Honestly, this is another thing I’ve been waiting for, and I hope it comes to fruition. This goes back to October when a photo of the supposed Creative 2.0 update leaked and surprised Fortnite fans on Twitter. Apparently, the design looks like Fortnite x Pokémon, with Pokémon scattered around. Now, can we expect this one too?

Well, we may not be completely sure about Fortnite x Pokémon, but UEFN is definitely coming to our players. Shiina BR, also known for his Fortnite leaks, confirmed this on November 9. Creative 2.0 is coming in the next season of Battle Royale! Here is the tweet.

Weapons and Skins

As of this writing, there have been no leaks regarding new weapons or skins. However, we can certainly expect brand-new cosmetics in the game. Once “Fortnite” Chapter 4 begins, we may see some collaborations here and there. Let’s look forward to that time!

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