Spider-Man Miles Morales PC: New Patch Improves Ray-Tracing, etc.

Spider-Man Miles Morales has landed on the shores of the PC ecosystem for a few days. After communicating the data of the PC version of Spider-Man Miles Morales, the time has come for the adventures of the young ally of Spider-Man to many improvements as far as updating the post-launch production phase is concerned.

Today, November 24, 2022, a new update is released on PC: a new release of “Nixxes” that will bring to the Insomniac Games title many improvements that will please all users. Despite being fairly undeveloped in its entirety, there are plenty of reasons to remember that this game will be very competitive: the latest update, released at the end of November, attempts to erect the adventure that has landed on PC and is very highly complete. But what do the updates do?

As it turns out, according to the patch notes, the November 24 update improves ray tracing and performance quality, especially in cut scenes. Also, the lighting is precisely targeted to ensure high quality and performance, as we have asked for it on day one. Additionally, several bugs that could cause corruption of the dynamic resolution scaling activation used by all Intel ARC users on the screen have been fixed. Below is a list of the updates listed in the report

Shadows Improved

Visual improvements to raytraced shadows Improved quality of certain objects, especially regarding raytraced reflections Improved lighting and lighting efficiency in cutscenes, with visual performance closer to the original game’s Sono Cutscenes, and among Intel GPU owners Fixed a bug that could cause image corruption without using dynamic resolution scaling. Spiderman has improved the stability and general optimization of the PC version.

Since it has been on PC shores, initial technical analysis has shown that at least the PS5 version of Miles Morales is of higher quality. We will wait for the final results to see if the discrepancies have been addressed, but we do not need to mention the optimization work that has ported one of the most appreciated titles on the market by users and the press by 2020.

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