Why “GTA Online” players should get the Progen T20 as their Podium Vehicle this week

GTA Online players can get their hands on a free Podium Vehicle again this week thanks to the latest update: by visiting The Diamond Casino & Resort and trying their luck at the Lucky Wheel, players have the opportunity to win a new Progen T 20 for free.

This automobile is a two-seat civilian hypercar that has been in the game since the release of the III-Gotten Gains Part 2 update. However, with so many discounts and Black Friday deals being offered in-game this week, some may wonder if it is worth trying to get the Progen T20. To answer this question, learn everything you need to know about this car.

Is it worth getting “Progen T20” in 2022 in “GTA Online”?

The Progen T20 is one of the fastest Super Class vehicles in GTA Online. Boasting incredibly fast acceleration, it can reach an astounding 122.25 mph (196.74 km/h) with full performance upgrades, with a lap time of 1:01.287 in testing by Broughy1322.

The car features excellent handling that allows it to run smoothly through changing lanes and terrain. This car is useful for most races and for dealing with unforeseen situations during the game.

Progen T20 in GTA Online: Design and more

The Progen T20 is a superclass vehicle that appears in “GTA Online” and draws inspiration for its parts from a variety of real cars.

  • McLaren P1 – Overall body design, curved hood, rear lights, fascia, guards, butterfly doors, and spoilers
  • McLaren 12C – Front bumper and headlamps
  • Falcon F7 – Front design
  • Ferrari 488 GTB – Rear diffuser and exhaust

Its appearance is more modern, sleeker, and aggressive with the following configuration.

Front body

  • The carbon-fiber splitter in the lower bumper area
  • H-shaped separation in the area
  • Central Grills
  • Outer intakes
  • Slightly curved front quarters
  • Modern strips with five vertical LED-like lamps
  • Chrome-detailed circular lamps
  • Triangular-shaped turn signals
  • Unique detail on the hood
  • Central front intakes
  • Silver-colored manufacturer logo on the bonnet

Side Body

  • Concave shapes on the doors
  • Open vents on the front arches
  • Small vertical fins
  • Small side skirts with extra fins at both ends
  • Butterfly doors with a mix of scissor rotations
  • Rear-view mirror shells
  • Carbon-fiber support

Greenhouse area

  • Black trim around the windows
  • Carbon-fiber finish rear-quarter panels
  • Carbon roof panel
  • Aluminum-covered four curved vents
  • Glass cover above the engine’s manifolds
  • Carbon-fiber textures
  • Six vents on the sides
  • Silver badging on the cabin separation with the manufacturer’s name
  • Small upper vents in the outer-rear areas
  • Functional mechanical spoiler

Rear body

  • Carbon-fiber rear section
  • Dual exit vents on each side
  • License plate in the center
  • Curved tail lamps with red strips and small reverse/turn lamps
  • Additional exit vents
  • Circular exhaust tips on the inner side of the vents
  • Large carbon-fiber diffuser with six blades
  • LED F1-style brake light
  • Carbon-plated underside
  • Exposed gearbox/diffuser

The interior design takes inspiration from the Comet with blue dials, a radio set, and an air conditioning unit with carbon fiber detailing.

In terms of performance, the Comet features an AWD layout with a powerful V8 engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. Players can typically purchase the car from Legendary Motorsports for $2,200,000.

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