How to collect and refine Eitr in Valheim

While you are choosing your first jar of sap, you can learn to craft an Eitr Refinery. Here you can turn the sap into Refined Eitr...

Aitor, a new magical resource available in the Valheim Mistland. It allows you to craft many of the new items introduced in the latest update to Iron Gate’s Viking Survival game. To get your hands on this new resource, you must go to Mistland. Plains-level equipment is preferred if you want to survive the new … Read more

The update to Valheim Mistlands: everything you need to know

Looking for more details on Valheim Mistlands, Iron Gate has released an update to Mistlands on Valheim’s public test branch. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since Iron Gate’s Viking survival game launched on Steam Early Access. In its first month, the game sold over 5 million (open in new tab), which … Read more