The update to Valheim Mistlands: everything you need to know

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Looking for more details on Valheim Mistlands, Iron Gate has released an update to Mistlands on Valheim’s public test branch.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since Iron Gate’s Viking survival game launched on Steam Early Access. In its first month, the game sold over 5 million (open in new tab), which was a bit of a shock to the then five-person development team.

Then we added the Hearth and Home update (opens in new tab) and Frost Caves in the Mountains. And there is a lot of excitement about the Mistland update, which introduces an entirely new biome. Here’s what we know about the Valheim Mistland Update.

It is currently on the public test branch in Valheim

No official release date has been announced for the “Mistland” update, but it is currently in the public test branch of Valheim. The new biome was originally scheduled for late 2021, but after the game exploded in popularity, it was delayed in favor of fixing bugs and other minor issues.

As for when it will be added to the base game, developer Iron Gate Studio has yet to announce an official date. We are hoping for a full launch by the end of 2022 and will update this guide as soon as we know for sure.


Click here to watch the first gameplay trailer for Valheim Mistland.

Released to announce the arrival of Mistland on Valheim’s public servers, the new trailer shows off many new biomes, several new creatures that will be found and fought there, and exciting new features such as a magic wand for players to wave! The trailer is available for viewing on the website of the game’s website.

How to find the Mistland of Valheim

Because the world of Valheim is procedurally generated, it is not possible to create a map to the mistlands. Like any other biome, it requires some exploration. Since this biome is the toughest in Valheim and is reached after conquering the other biomes, it is best to search around the outer half of the circular map. However, it may be surprisingly close to the starting biome.

On the map view, it looks dark brown with purple highlights, so it may be difficult to distinguish it from the dark brown swamp biome without zooming in.

Features of the new biome “Valheim Mistland”

If you are traveling by boat or exploring a new place on foot, it will be easy to find (unless it is nighttime). Most new biomes are covered by a thick fog that is hard to miss. If a large dark cloud obscures the landscape, it is a mistland.

Mistland, as the name suggests, is a world shrouded in fog. Parts of this biome are covered in thick fog, filled with sharp rocks, towering cliffs, and many trees and grasses. Violent storms are also frequent, making it more difficult to get your bearings.

Also visible here and there are dungeon entrances, small blue-lit forts, high arches and bridges, and other castle ruins.

Scattered about are the remnants of the Jotuns, ancient giants who once ruled this land. Among them are weapons and armor, and these weapons and armor can be seen towering above the misty lands.

With a sturdy pickaxe, these metals can be mined for scrap. You can also find skeletons of Jotuns all over the place, and you can scrape their bones for resources.

Seekers are giant insects

If you think the Desquita is a nuisance, you haven’t met the Seeker yet. Seekers are giant insects found in the Mistlands and appear briefly in gameplay trailers. They are large, heavily armored, and some can even fly. You will also encounter their maggots in the dungeons, and giant ticks the size of wolves also roam the land.

But the Seekers are not the only ones most fearsome in the Mistlands. You will also encounter jarls, giant amphibian-like creatures that slowly patrol the misty skies above. Capable of breathing fire, they will be the biggest threat to anyone trying to build a fort in this new biome.

However, not all are dangerous. Mistland hares are large rabbits, perfect for hunting your next prey. The new NPCs, the Dovagr, are dwarves who live in Mistland and will act neutral toward you unless you give them reason to be angry.

You are free to explore their little fortress, but do not break or steal things. They will also attack hostile creatures such as gujjars, which will be a reassuring ally in times of need.


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