How to collect and refine Eitr in Valheim

While you are choosing your first jar of sap, you can learn to craft an Eitr Refinery. Here you can turn the sap into Refined Eitr...
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Aitor, a new magical resource available in the Valheim Mistland. It allows you to craft many of the new items introduced in the latest update to Iron Gate’s Viking Survival game.

To get your hands on this new resource, you must go to Mistland. Plains-level equipment is preferred if you want to survive the new Biomere, but knowing how to make wisprites) is helpful. To be able to use this volatile substance, you will need to take a few steps. Here is how to collect and purify Eitr in Valheim.

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How to make a Valheim sap extractor

Since Eitr Valheim is a magical resource, it is only natural that it is extracted from something as fantastic as the sap of Yggdrasil. There are many roots of sacred trees around the mystic lands, and the glowing green areas are where the sap can be collected. However, collection requires a special extractor and a workbench to assemble it.

  • Black metal x5
  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Dvergr extractor x1

Black metal can be collected in the plains, and Yggdrasil wood can be collected in Mistland using a black metal axe. The last item, however, is a bit more difficult to obtain.

Dvergr Extractors are easy to find, as they are often found in crates covered with blue runes in the Dvergr camp. These NPCs are not hostile, but they can be quite irritating if you attack them or try to steal things from them. Fight them as soon as you get the Extractor, or leave the path clear so you can get away quickly.

As soon as you get the Dvergr Extractor, you will learn the crafting recipe for the Sap Extractor, so head to the nearest glowing Yggdrasil root. First, place the normal workbench, craft the Sap Extractor and start collecting resources.

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Walheim Eitr Refinery: How it’s made

You will learn how to make Eitr Refinery when you pick up your first jar of sap. Once the sap is Refined Eitr here, it can be used for new items in Mistland, such as weapons and armour.

The following items are needed for the Eitr Refinery

  • Black Metal x5
  • Black Core x5
  • Black Marble x20
  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Sap x3

As mentioned above, black metal and Yggdrasil wood are fairly easy to obtain. Mining petrified bones can obtain black metal with a black metal pickaxe, and black core is Mistland’s version of sterling core, which can be found in the dungeons of the new biome.

Once you have everything you need, set up your workbench and create your own Eitr Refinery. However, there is one last thing you will need. The front of the refinery can be filled with sap, but there is a place for fuel at the top.


Naturally, this magical machine does not run on simple things like wood or coal but on soft tissue as fuel. Of course, it does. This resource can also be obtained from petrified bone, which is a nice thing to have in large quantities when mining black marble.

But there is a warning before you build Refined Eitr. Do not build it near a base or anything you don’t want to be destroyed.

The dangers of Refined Eitr 

Refined Eitr is volatile. If left unattended, it will fire small green, fire-like spells in random directions. Scattered aitols freshly ejected from an aitol refinery will not do much damage. Still, if the refinery is left unattended and the aitols are left uncollected, there is a risk that they will destroy everything around them.

Just as you would destroy a sturdy building, you could also die. Fortunately, storing Refined Eitr in an inventory or chest removes its volatility.


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