How to Upgrade Acid Lab after The Last Dose update GTA online

Acid Labs in GTA Online, a veritably economic business for solo players, is now available in The Freak Shop in the” Grand Theft bus Online Los Santos Drug Wars First Dose” update. Upgrades and customizations are available. still, the upgrade process is vastly further grueling than other businesses in the game.

Whereas other businesses can be upgraded incontinently, Acid Lab requires completing a series of operations before all features are uncorked. Each charge is fairly lengthy and has a long cooldown period, making the whole process relatively tedious. This composition aims to help players by furnishing tips on how to unleash and apply Acid Lab upgrades in GTA Online after The Last Cure update.

Steps to upgrade the Acid Lab business in GTA Online

The GTA Online Acid Lab is located behind the MTL Brickade 6×6 and most of the normal upgrades for vehicles also apply to this vehicle.

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To access vehicle upgrades, walk to the Customize area in the Freak Shop (hammer and driver icons). Press the required button to access the Vehicle Workshop menu. Next, select Customize Acid Lab. There you will find a list of customization options, including armor, engine, brakes, etc.

This will change the outside aspect of the Brickade 6×6 truck and Acid Lab. Still, to unleash the Acid Lab outfit upgrade, GTA Online players must first complete 10 Fooligan Jobs. A freemode charge offered by Dax players who have completed the” First Dose 1- hello to the troop” charge and installed” The Freakshop” can call Dax from the in- game phone and request Fooligan job.

The Freakshop will be located in the” Ducks” section of the game’s main menu. There are a aggregate of five Pooligan jobs available in GTA Online. Each is unique and has a different purpose related to The Freakshop and the Fooliganz group.

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  • Crop Dustin
  • Heavy Metal
  • Liquid Assets
  • Working Remotely
  • Write-Off

Each mission takes 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on the player’s skill level. However, Rockstar Games imposes a cooldown period of one day in-game and 48 minutes in real life between each mission, requiring players to wait the entire period and repeat the entire series again to advance to the next mission.

Completing all five hooligan jobs twice (10 total) unlocks equipment upgrades for the Acid Lab in GTA Online.

To access the Brickade 6×6 customization options, head to The Freakshop and follow the steps above. This time, the Acid Lab Upgrades option is at the top of the list; selecting the Equipment Upgrade will cost an additional $250,000.

Once the upgrade is purchased, it will be applied to the Acid Lab immediately. Without the upgrade, the mobile business will generate $237,600 in 6 hours, but after the equipment upgrade, it will generate $335,200 in 4 hours, making it a more profitable investment.

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