Today Wordle answer #595, 4 February 2023, Solve and Hints

Wordle is a popular online e-game game that involves creating words from a given set of letters. The game’s objective is to make as many words as possible within a certain time limit or using a certain number of letters. The score is calculated based on the length of the words created and the difficulty level of the letters used. Wordle is fun and challenges blurry your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Keep the Wordle streak alive over the weekend. Want to complete the daily puzzle in your own time? Use the Wordle hints from February 4 (595) to guide you in the right direction.

Yellow after yellow… Ah, not quite right. Fortunately, we could question the last question, making this a satisfying victory.

Wordle Hints for Saturday, February 4

Today’s answer is “a room or place without light.” This could be a resource. There is an arehashedource with beastie gushed or where there was no light, to begin with. Today we need to discover two vowels.

No, there are no double letters in today’s puzzle.

Wordle Help 3 Tips for Winning Wordle Every Day

If there is anything better than playing Wordle, it is playing Wordle well. So here are a few simple tips to help pave the way to success.


A good opener contains a good balance of unique vowels and consonants.
A second guess helps narrow down the pool of letters quickly.
Answers may contain repeated letters.
There is no time pressure, such as completing it by midnight. So feel free to enjoy it like a newspaper crossword and return to it later.

What is the answer to Wordle 595?

Weekends are for winners. The Wordle answer for February 4 (595) is UNLIT.

Answers to the last 10 Wordle

Memorizing the answers to past Wordle questions will increase your chances of guessing today’s Wordle answer without accidentally choosing an answer already given. It is also fun to look for words from past Wordle answers that you might be able to find.

Here are some recent Wordle answers.

  • February 3: FLIRT
  • February 2: SHIRK
  • February 1: SCOLD
  • January 31: CROSS
  • January 30: CRAVE
  • January 29: FISHY
  • January 28: FLIRT
  • January 27: WORRY
  • January 26: BEEFY
  • January 25: MAIZE

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