Call of Duty, especially the highly competitive Modern Warfare 2. You may have seen the term "snake" beforeCOD Esports & Gaming 

What is Snake in “Call of Duty” Explains Controversial CDL Tactics

If you are a fan of Call of Duty, especially the highly competitive Modern Warfare 2. You may have seen the term “snake” before. But what does it mean, how is it done, and why is it controversial in the CDL?

Every year, there are multiple weapons, equipment, and score streaks that are technically allowed in the CDL rule set, GA. These gentlemen’s agreements mean that CoD pros agree not to use them because they are unbalanced or unpredictable and therefore not competitive.

However, it is more difficult when the controversial tactic is a movement trick. This is where “snaking” comes in.

Explanation of “Snaking” in Call of Duty

Snaking is a movement tactic that is possible in “Call of Duty” games, especially those developed by Infinity Ward (hence its re-emergence as a major topic in “Modern Warfare 2”). However, it is achievable in most CoD titles.

It refers to positioning oneself behind an object on the map and quickly switching between prone and crouching. The tactic is so named because the player’s movements resemble those of a snake.


By moving like a snake, the player can see the enemy from above the object. They can then use this information to quickly rise up and fire.

Why is “snaking” controversial in CDL?

You may wonder why it is an issue when it only refers to using the game’s movement mechanics to play to your advantage.

When a pro snakes, the speed of his movement and the object blocking the player’s view make it very difficult to hit. However, from a pro’s point of view. It is easy to look beyond cover or to suddenly jump out of the way.

Therefore, professionals believe that by using this tactic. They have an overwhelming advantage over opponents who push up against their position. For this reason, many argue that this tactic should be stopped in competitive CoD.


I have seen developers try to change the movement system in CoD games to weaken the snake. But it is very difficult to do so. It is also debatable whether the entire movement system of the game should be adjusted based on the most hotly debated issues in the professional community.

Less skilled players have a hard time adjusting their character’s position quickly enough to be able to snake, and it really takes practice to master.

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