PS5 Beta update includes Discord voice chat and VRR with 1440p support

Discord voice chat and VRR with 1440p support

The PS5 Beta update has been announced and includes several new features. Among them is the inclusion of Discord voice chat. But the DualSense controller update should also be easier to follow.

On its PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a new system update that will bring even more features to the PS5. It also includes the long-awaited Discord voice chat.

It is not yet known when the new PS5 system update will be released in its final version. First, a beta test will be available to participants in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. More details will be provided via email.

Discord voice chat on PS5

After updating to the beta firmware (or the final version to be released at a later date). Participating players will be able to connect their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts via PS5. They will then be able to initiate Discord voice chats on PS5 using the Discord app on their mobile or PC. Discord friends will also be able to see when a player is online and playing.

Sony says that players who have already linked their PlayStation Network and Discord accounts to see what games. They are currently playing and will need to relink those accounts on the PS5 to get the new Discord voice chat feature The information is provided below.


The new PS5 system update also includes other new social features. They are as follows.

Screen Sharing in Profiles Players

Screen Sharing in Profiles Players can initiate or request screen sharing directly from a friend’s profile.

Simply select the “Screen Sharing” icon on a friend’s profile to initiate a new session.
Add a New Icon to Party Chat When a new icon appears in Party Chat. It indicates that a group member is participating in a game that they can join. Each player can select and [Spiel beitreten] join a game.

New tile “Friends who play“. In the game hub, you can see which friends own the game, who is currently online, and who is currently playing the game. Select a tile to see what your friends are doing. You can also access a friend’s profile, where you can choose further interaction options.
Manually Upload Recordings to PlayStation®App You can now manually upload images taken with your PS5® to the PS App and easily share them on social media and with friends. This feature complements the automatic upload feature currently available in the PS App.

Innovative features including VRR with 1440p support

The PS5 resolution has long supported 1440p. This update adds VRR support for this resolution. Which is intended to provide a smoother viewing experience when playing VRR-enabled games. When using VRR-enabled HDMI 2.1 displays at 1440p resolution.

has made new improvements to the game library. You can now sort and filter games when adding them to your game list.” Using filters in the library, you can easily find PSVR games, and PSVR2 games when PSVR2 launches later this month.” said Sony about this feature.


to be the preferred preset for multiplayer sessions. For supported games, it can be used to control who can join a multiplayer session or to invite other players.

The new PS4 to PS5 save data transfer aims to make it easier for players to access their PS4 save data. There are two options for this.

After downloading or installing a PS4™ game on the PS5™. You will receive a notification that the PS4™ saved data exists in the PlayStation® Network cloud storage (unless the saved data for that game already exists on the PS5™). Then, follow the steps: If you have downloaded or installed a PS5™ game that can use PS4 saved data (e.g., the PS5™ version of a game released on PS4™). You will see the same notification if that game supports this feature.


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