Disney Dreamlight Valley Releases Community Statistics

Disney Dreamlight Valley posts tweets thanking fans for playing the game all year, revealing some great stats.

Thanked players at the end of the year and showcased community achievements and statistics, with staggering numbers that show how much fans are enjoying the game in 2022. As the statistics prove, players truly enjoy and look forward to evening more exciting content in the New Year.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The holiday events and themes of Disney Dreamlight Valley are still going strong, with players building yule logs. Building snowmen, tasting holiday cookies and catching festive fish in fun holiday hats. Even though the game has only been out for four months, fans have put in a lot of time. Effort into polishing the game’s best resources and creating an imaginative work of art.


Tweeted its thanks to the game’s players and has also released statistics showing how much players love the game. Fans have spent 76 million hours playing the game and created 4.6 million custom designs. Players quickly cleared maps, removed 930 million nightthorns, harvested 510 million pumpkins, and opened 3.8 million realm doors.

The tweet also reveals the player’s favorite food (fruit salad), most commonly caught fish (herring), and most popular village activity (mining). The praise was also reviewed, indicating that the game has received overwhelming support across all platforms.

There is a lot for fans to do in this complex game, and new players are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks and things to do. The list of recipes for “Disney Dreamlight Valley” alone is quite daunting. Fortunately, there are many guides, helpful articles, and other online resources that players can consult to get the most out of their Dreamlight Valley experience.

The game developers promise to provide more and more content for players as time goes on. Continue to be updated with new content to attract more players and fans worldwide who love Disney World.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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