A new Toy Story update is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the “Dreamlight Valley Toy Story” update just around the corner. Here are some of the most anticipated additions to the wholesome Disney life game!

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update was announced in September. Along with the Lion King update and the addition of the new Scar quest. The evil Lion King has already moved into his own home in the Elephant Graveyard. But we’re still waiting for Andy’s favourite toy to be delivered – but a release date has been set. The release date for the Valley of Dreams Toy Story update is December 6.

This Disney Life Sim will feature many of the characters we are already familiar with. But we know there is room for “unlimited” expansion. The Dreamcastle already has about 30 unlocked doors, eventually leading to new realms. Nevertheless, with the addition of “Scar” just six weeks after its release. You would think that these new updates would keep coming.


The Toy Story update may be a little later than expected. But it is still the second major update in just three months. The Beauty and the Beast update is due soon after the new year.

Valley of Dreams Toy Story Update Release Date

Following the Villain update, we initially estimated the release date for the Toy Story update to be around November 29, 2022. This coincides with both the developer’s promised “late fall” and the end of the Villain Star pass; however, in a tweet published on November 22, the release date for the Valley of Dreams Toy. The story update was announced on December 6.

This may be a little later than expected, but that doesn’t mean we should be disappointed. As mentioned earlier, it should be remembered that this is the second major update for the Disney game. Released just three months ago and is still in early access.

Thanks to the official trailer for the “Toy Story” update, we already know what to expect regarding new content. Woody and Buzz will first meet, somewhat surprisingly, in Bonnie’s room in “Toy Story 3. New area will be added to the Dream Castle. We don’t know how much the Dreamlights cost to enter.

Stitch is coming to Dreamlight Valley!

Stitch will also be in the game when the Toy Story playground equipment ships, as was discreetly revealed on Twitter on November 30. No details have yet been revealed about this blue alien’s appearance.

However, we know that December Update 2 will add the “Mission in Unchartered Space” quest, which will include Stitch’s story quest and several gorgeous snow-inspired Christmas items.

While you wait for Woody and Buzz to arrive, don’t forget to check out the Valley, including feeding the Dreamlight Valley animals. Complete story quests such as Mickey’s Secret Door and the Mysterious Cave at Dazzle Beach to collect Dreamlights to unlock Bonnie’s room in the Toy Story update.

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