How to set up and Join Halo Infinite custom games

With custom games, get the most out of the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer experience.

While “Halo Infinite” multiplayer has a long history of competition, the legacy of “Halo” is as much about social gaming as it is about competition. “Halo” has always offered social and fan-made alternatives to regular FPS multiplayer through Forge and custom games. Halo” has always offered social and fan-made alternatives to the usual FPS multiplayer through Forge and custom games.

Nonetheless, “Halo Infinite” launched without support for custom matchmaking but later added a custom game browser, bringing the social nature of “Halo” back to the forefront of gaming.

But what exactly is the custom game browser in “Halo Infinite”, and how does it work? Let’s take a quick look.

What is the “Halo Infinite” Custom Game Browser?

As described in Halo Waypoint, the Custom Game Browser, released in the December 2022 update for “Halo Infinite,” will allow you to host or select a custom game server for fan-made maps and game modes. This means that classic “Halo” social game modes such as Duck Hunt and Trash Compactor will be easily available for play and hosting.


Halo Infinite’s custom game browser also means that brand new social game modes like Avalanche Hill will reach the community and be playable by anyone, not just those on the host’s friend list.

Additionally, some features are missing from “Halo Infinite,” such as local campaign co-op and lack of support for classic game modes. Still, a custom game browser can help alleviate these content gaps.

Fans have found a way to play local co-op unofficially in “Halo Infinite,” but with this browser, they can create fan-made versions of missing game modes like “Infection” and make them playable regardless.

The Custom Game Browser unleashes an important part of the franchise’s identity for “Halo Infinite” and provides the social matchmaking and fan-made matchmaking that “Halo Infinite” lacked.

How to find and join custom lobbies in Halo Infinite

Now that you understand what Halo Infinite’s Custom Game Browser is all about, you may want to know how to join and search for various custom lobbies. Follow these steps to begin searching for and joining custom game lobbies using Halo Infinite’s Custom Game Browser.

1. Press the right bumper from the Halo Infinite main menu to go to Communities.
2. Select Custom Browser.

3. Once the Custom Browser is loaded, all available lobbies to join will be displayed, as well as filters to search for game modes and lobbies.

4. To search for or join a custom game, search for the desired game mode in the “Filters” section or select one of the available lobbies.
5. Once you select a lobby, a detailed screen will appear, and you can select “Join a game“.

You can save the game mode and map on the lobby’s details screen and host your own game. Select “Map Details” and then “Bookmark” to save that map to your available maps.

This will allow you to join and save custom games hosted in “Halo Infinite” at any time, enhancing your social experience in “Halo”.

How to Set Up Your Custom Game Lobby in Halo Infinite

Now that you know how to navigate and join the custom games available through Halo Infinite’s Custom Game Browser, what if you want to host and showcase your custom game modes and maps in Halo Infinite?

Follow these steps to set up and join your own custom game server from Halo Infinite’s custom game browser.

1. From Halo Infinite’s main menu, ensure the Play option is highlighted and select Custom Games.

2. Once the Custom Game Lobby loads, select the desired map and choose a game mode from the Mode Editor.
3. Once the desired map and game mode are set, select Lobby Options.
4. Make sure the Privacy setting is set to Open.

If you set your custom game privacy to “open,” your custom lobbies will appear in Halo Infinite’s custom game browser, allowing community members to join and search at will.

While social multiplayer through the custom game browser is a great social game, it is important to note that matches made through the custom game do not affect the progression of the Battle Pass.

Because of what Battle Pass is and how it works in a game like “Halo Infinite,” few custom or social matches allow players to gain experience regardless of the game.

Exploring the Social Side of “Halo Infinite

With the great legacy of the “Halo” series unlocked by the custom game browser, social games are a very welcome addition to “Halo Infinite” in need of content and free updates.

However, “Halo Infinite” still lacks key features, and these features are only introduced to the game through the Battle Pass and Seasonal systems. In this situation, the Custom Game Browser allows fans to compensate for the lack of content.

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