Bandai announced the release of Tepig’s next Pokémon model kit. It will be Quick’s 14th. Its 715 ($5.23) implementation cost is expected to begin in May 2023 in Japan.

The selling point of the Quick collection of Pokémon model kits is that they are quick and easy to assemble. No glue is needed. Nippers can be used, but no tools are required. The kit is simple, and there is no need to show that every resulting figure in this line will have no points of articulation. For example, the official website shows how to assemble the runners for this kit and how it was assembled from 20 pieces.

Here is a closer look at all the promotional photos on Bandai’s official website.

The Tepig Pokemon Model Kit Quick is only announced and is available in Japan. The kit is marketed to the masses. Amazon, for example, lists in-stock variations such as Puka, Eevee, and Skol Bunny at the time of writing for around or up to $5. GameStop also sells the larger Bandai Magikarp model kit. The instructions also include English text, letters, and numbers, as well as photos to help with assembly.

The Pokémon Model Kit Quick Tepig is scheduled to arrive in Japan in October 2023.

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