In honor of The Game Awards 2022 this month, the game Armored Core IV Fires of Rubicon was announced. This action game has fur from FromSoftware. This announcement came as one of the most pleasant surprises for game lovers, but developers are so happy because everyone can get new details. In particular, as part of a recent interview with the developer, he described the mode and the software for Armored’s VI.

According to a From Software representative, this new product is becoming increasingly important in single-player campaigns. He is considered the studio’s main guest. Like the multiplayer in Armored Core VI, it is realized in multiplayer mech battles on the arena battlefield. As part of the network shooter, players can improve their combat robots by performing various techniques such as whistling weapons, equipment, and much more.

The cooperative play mode that has been immensely popular in games over the past few years is not present in Armored Core VI. Certainly such a mode would have a negative impact on gameplay, but the authors decided to take it seriously.


  • 13900 K d Regard at the standard price.
  • 5 types of 4090 are priced in Citylink at normal prices.
  • i7 13700KF 16 cores price has been downgraded.
  • RTX 3070 Ti for 55 tr in Citylink.
  • i5 13600K 14 cores cheaper and faster i7 12700K 12 cores cheaper and faster.
  • RTX 4080 6 types in Regard.
  • New 13700K and the low price of KF at Regard.
  • Ryzen 7700 x 4.5GHz = price dropped!
  • 13600K at Regard very cheap
  • 4 views in Regard to RTX 4090 with 4 views.
  • The game will be released next year on all the platforms.

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