Vampire Survivors DLC launches alongside a fresh new patch

Vampire Survivors” DLC “Legacy of Moonspell” is Now Available; Patch 1.2.0 Adds “Important” Skin to Fully Normal Tree Peppino

The new “Vampire Survivors” DLC arrives just in time to spend the holidays with your family around a warm fireplace, slaying hordes of countless pixelated monsters in the most addictive roguelike game of 2022. This DLC is provided along with patch 1.2.0 for Vampire Survivors. This patch updates the base game for the DLC and makes some minor tweaks and bug fixes. It also adds an “important” new skin to the tree Pepino.

The DLC Legacy of the Moonspell was first announced just a few weeks ago. A new launch trailer is now available, giving a more detailed look at what can be found on the large new Mt. Moonspell map.

Vampire Survivors: Legacy of Moonspell

If you have unlocked the Inlaid Library, the new level will be immediately available in the stage selection menu. We hope you enjoy the rest of the new content in the DLC with reference to the 17 unlocks.

Legacy of the Moonspell is on sale for $1.79 / £1.43, a 10% discount for the first week. Developer poncle says this was a price that “felt right” and “reflected the production value.”

“For the DLC, I still had to fill some gaps with asset packs, for example, so the low price and frequent discounts just seem fair,” writes poncle.” When I can offer something even better, I plan to spend more money on new things.

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