How to See the Final Vampire Survivor Fireworks

The “Watch the Last Fireworks” achievement for Vampire Survivor Fireworks was introduced in the 1.0 release update. Achieving this achievement unlocks a new weapon, the “Greatest Jubilee,” which summons fireworks that damage enemy targets.

Final Fireworks is not a huge weapon or a new power-up that will help you in battle. Instead, the Final Fireworks is an “achievement” and may be one of the last achievements you get in the game. The fireworks are also associated with a specific scene in the game and can only be seen when you win a specific battle.

Those battles are intense and disappointing when you lose, but you can win. But you can always win. As a reward, one of the most beautiful sights in Vampire Survivors awaits you: the fireworks called “Final Fireworks.”


When you reach level 9 with this weapon, the Greatest Jubilee’s finisher effect is activated, and a light show appears at the bottom of the screen. For more information on how to “see the last fireworks” in Vampire Survivors and how to unlock the Greatest Jubilee, please visit this page.

Unlock “The Last Fireworks Greatest Jubilee” in Vampire Survivors

To see the “Last Fireworks” in Vampire Survivors, you must defeat the final boss, the “Director.” A hidden stage called “Eudaimonia Machine” is required to defeat this boss.

How to unlock the avatar Inferna in Vampire Survivor

Pro Game Games states that you can enter the Eudaimonia Machine by obtaining all 11 standard Relics that appear in the game. Below is an index of these Relics and a brief description of how to unlock them. The source for this information is the Vampire Survivors Wiki.

No.RelicObtainment Process
1Ars GoudaThis Relic can be found on the far south side of the Dairy Plant.
2Forbidden Scrolls of MorbaneUsing the Milky Way Map, find and defeat Sketamari in The Bone Zone to obtain this Relic
3Glass VizardThe Moongolow merchant can purchase this Relic for 10,000 Gold.
4Golden EggThe Moongolow merchant can also purchase this Relic for 10,000 Gold.
5Great GospelDefeat the Ender in Cappella Magna to unlock this Relic
6Grim GrimoireThis Relic can be found on the far west side of the Inlaid Library.
7Magic BangerThis Relic can be found on the far east side of the Green Acres.
8Milky Way MapThis Relic can be found on the far south side of the Dairy Plant.
9MindbenderThis Relic becomes available after players fill 50 Entries in the Collection.
10Sorceress’ TearsThis Relic can be found on the far south side of Gallo Tower.
11Yellow SignThis Relic can be found at the end of the Holy Forbidden.

Once you have collected all of the above “relics,” get the “Mirror of Gracia” and the “Seventh Trumpet” from Eudia M. If you defeat them, you will be able to see the “Last Fireworks” at Vampire Survivor and receive the “Greatest Jubilee” as a reward.

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