Nope Parent Guide Film Review 2022

Wondering if NOPE is safe for children? This horror film is bloody and gory and is not recommended for children. This Nope Parent Guide explains what parents should know.

The film “Nope” opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, July 22. The film was written and directed by Jordan Peele, who has previously had great success with the films “Get Out” and “Us.”

Due to the mystery surrounding the plot, “Nope” was tight-lipped, with a limited peak revealed in the trailer. But have all the secrets paid off and brought another triumph to Peele’s directorial belt? Find out more in my Parents’ Guide movie review.

Nope Parents Guide

Jordan Peele is back with Nope. Siblings Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer) and Ottis James (Daniel Kaluuya), estranged after the mysterious death of their father, are reunited at the family ranch in California. During their stay at the ranch, paranormal phenomena affecting human and animal behavior are noticed by the family and their employees. The siblings do not believe their father’s death was a coincidence.


What are the age restrictions for Nope?

This film is rated R, and language is used throughout the film. In addition, due to the violence and bloodshed depicted in the film, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 17.


Nope” contains many profanities, including damn, a, sht, fck, motherfuer, di*k, and hell. It also uses words of God, including g-ddamn.


Gore is heavy in Nope. Gushing human and animal blood and bloody injuries. Blood falls from the sky and rains down on windows. Animals eat the corpses and are killed violently. Children are in danger. The faces of the characters are seen as messed up. There are also many jumps scares.

Mature Content

Some characters drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or vape.

Is Nope suitable for children under 17?

Nope is not intended for children and is fine for kids; the recommended age for Nope is at least 16, and you should be mature enough to handle the content. However, I would caution against even older ages.

Expect to see blood and gore, scenes of intense violence, smoking, alcohol, drug use, and profanity by some of the characters. There is no nudity or sexual content.

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