Blossom Festival” Began in “League of Legends

Regarding the mobile MOBA League of Legends, version 3.5b of Wild Rift has been released, adding a new heroine named Lillia. She is a warrior and is most commonly played in the jungle and top lane. Her skills include the following.

Persons of dreams, helping with cynicism, making alliances, building health, and being someone who cannot take skills. Lillia’s personality will boost some strength, like a person’s strength (or speed). Lillia is active. Lillia will do damage magic to nearby enemies. The impacted area deserves more damage. Wait, watch out! Lillia deals damage to an area. Whirling Fruits Lillia throws a lot of infringing berries at the first enemy hit, slowing them down. When the berries are stunned, the seeds grow until the ground is cleared and the tree is felled. Enchanted Lullaby When the aliens are awakened, they take more damage.

The Blossom Festival begins now and through January 5, 2023. Players will be able to communicate with spirits, level them up, and complete special daily quests. These will allow them to receive various awards. These skins have also been added to Lilia, Timo, Sure sure, Yone, Yasuo, and Irelia.

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