Hogwarts Legacy Delayed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of “The Hogwarts Legacy” have been delayed again to April 4, with the Nintendo Switch version to be released on July 25.

The official Twitter account for the film posted the update (below, along with the release date reveal for the Switch version), but did not say why the previous generation version was postponed. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox series versions of “Hogwarts Legacy” are not affected and will be released on February 10 as planned.

“The team is looking forward to bringing you the game and we want to deliver the best gaming experience on all platforms.” He tweeted.

Hogwarts Legacy was originally scheduled to be released at the end of this year’s holiday season. Still, it was pushed back to February, making this the second time the game has been delayed.

Developer Avalanche Software has been slowly but surely revealing various elements of the game, including the Hogsmeade quest, the Flying Broom section, and the dark magic of Hogwarts.

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