How to craft the Staff of Embers in Valheim

A new magical weapon, the Burnt Wand, is now available in Valheim with the Mistland update. With new biomes, resources, enemies, and even Mistlands bosses to discover, the coming world of Vikings is full of excitement.

But one of the most exciting additions to the Mistlands update is the ability to use magic. Several new magical weapons are now available, allowing you to throw fire and ice at your allies and call upon their skeletons to help you in battle, making it easier, at least in theory, to survive at a distance. When you’re ready to put away your sword and swing your axe, here’s how to craft Staff of Embers in Valheim.

Valheim Staff of Embers materials 

To make a burnt wand, you’ll need to go to the Foggy Forest at least a little bit because two of the three materials can be found in this new biome. You will need the following.

  • Yggdrasil wood x20
  • Surtling Core x4
  • Refined Eitr x15

Even those who have spent a little time in the Viking afterlife probably have a few surtling cores hidden away. These are mainly found in the basements of the Black Forest but can also be collected from surtling enemies in the Swamp.

On the one hand, Yggdrasil Wooh Refined Eitr, on the other hand, requires more preparation than other resources. First, the sap must be extracted from the ancient roots, and then the sap must be refined at the Eitr Refinery. The Valheim Eitr guide explains all the steps.

How to make a Galdr Table in Valheim 

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

A new crafting station, the Garde Table, needs to be built, and its materials are also very hard to find. In addition to the materials needed for the wand, they must go to the dangerous mines scattered throughout Mistland to obtain at least five black cores.

  • Yggdrasil wood x20
  • Black Metal x10
  • Black Core x5
  • Refined Eitr x5

Once you have the materials, you can build a new crafting station. It will look stylish, make your workshop more colorful, and allow you to make new magic weapons.

Now you are ready to make your “embers of fire staff” and take on the Mistlands. Be sure to stock up on new magical Valheim hoods to throw fireballs.

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