Hogwarts Legacy: Here’s What Comes in Each Edition

Source: Warner Bros. Games/IGN

The Hogwarts Legacy is now available for pre-order. When it is actually released is a bit more complicated, thanks to the staggered release schedule. Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 10. It will then be released on older generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, on April 4. Finally, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch on July 25.

A single-player, open-world RPG, “The Hogwarts Legacy,” is set in the 1800s at a prestigious school long before it was depicted in books and movies. The game is currently available for pre-order at various retailers, and if you are pre-order at Best Buy, you will receive a free $10 gift card with your purchase. Not a bad deal for what looks to be one of the biggest games of the year.

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