Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Starter Evolutions, Explained

Pokémon fans were overjoyed when the long-awaited Scarlet and Violet were released on November 18, 2022. While some fans have criticized the game’s rushed graphics, lag, and strange creature designs, many have taken to social media to document their enjoyment in the Spanish-inspired region of Pardia.

For Pokémon trainers, one of the most important decisions when starting a new game is what to choose as their “starter” (first) Pokémon. This is usually chosen from a selection of fire, water, and grass-type Pokémon of equal strength, each of which evolves into two stronger forms. In Scarlett & Violet, you can choose between Hueco (flame), Spriggachito (grass) and Quaxley (water), each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Fuecoco, the Fire-Type Starter

Although Hueco is not as powerful as the evolved "Krokalo" or "Skeldirge," Hueco can learn many useful abilities that any fan of the Fire Type will love.
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The fire-type crocodile starter “Huecoico” has received rave reviews from fans for its design and look since the release of “Scarlett & Violet”. Although Hueco is not as powerful as the evolved “Krokalo” or “Skeldirge,” Hueco can learn many useful abilities that any fan of the Fire Type will love.

Hueco learns 12 fire, normal, and dark abilities between levels 1 and 36, ranging in power from 40 to 110, with the favorite being Incinerate, which has a 100% hit rate, and Flame Thrower, which has a 100% hit rate. In addition, Ember, Incinerate, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast also deal Stab damage. Hueco excels at Insect, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy moves, and is most vulnerable to Ground, Rock, and Water.

Fuecoco Evolves Into Crocalor at Level 16

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Fans have criticized the clunkiness of the kurokarol, but it is an improvement over the lovely HuecoCo on the battlefield. When Huecoco evolves at level 16, her HP, Attack, Defense, Suicide, Defense, and Speed total from 310 to 455, her Attack from 45 to 55, her HP from 67 to 81, and the damage she can inflict and receive increases. Like Hueco, it learns Fire, Normal, and Dark-type moves, as well as many TMs, including Psychic, Dragon, and Wedge-type (Seed Bomb). As a normal Fire type, it has the same strengths and weaknesses as its pre-evolution counterpart.

Skeledirge Is Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

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At level 36, Krokarol evolves into the strongest version. It evolves into a flame/ghost-type skelldilge, with its HP increasing to 104 and its attack power increasing to 75. Its weaknesses are similar to those of Kurokawa and Hueco (with the addition of poison), but since it is a Ghost Pokémon, it has the disadvantage of being weak to Ghost and Dark, as well as Ground, Rock, and Water. However, its solid technique, TM list, and enhanced status allow it to destroy most enemies it encounters.

Sprigatito, the Grass-Type Starter

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When it first appeared, Spriggatito charmed players with its cat-like design. Although its attack power of 61 and speed of 65 are reasonable, its base HP is the lowest at 40, so those who chose it as their starter should be careful. Spriggatito is strong against the ground, water, grass, and electricity and has more types it is weak against than Hueco or Quasley, with flying, poison, insects, fire, and ice being its weak points. However, its techniques are reasonably powerful, especially its “play rough,” “energy ball,” and “seed bomb.”

Sprigatito Evolves Into Floragato at Level 16

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Even a successful game like Scarlett and Violet can be unpopular with fans. Spriggachito’s evolution into Floragato at level 16 showed that the grass cat was destined to follow the series’ unfortunate design trend of turning quadrupedal Pokémon into bipeds, causing fans to post dozens of redesigns on the Internet. Floragato’s HP of 61 is not much higher than Spriggachito’s (though its quickness of 83 allows it to strike first against slower opponents), much to the chagrin of fans. The base power of 130 for Leaf Storm, which is learned at level 46, is a fine bonus.

Meowscarada Is Sprigatito’s Final Evolution

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Floragato evolves into a meerkarada at level 36, but unfortunately, it is more humanoid than it was before the evolution. However, it is also a unique grass/dark type, and its masked form is an interesting design. When it evolves, its HP remains at 76, but its quickness increases to 123. It is strong against the ground, ghosts, water, grass, electric, and dark Pokémon and weak against fighting, flying, poison, insect, fire, ice, and fairy, making it rather bland in terms of usefulness in battle.

Quaxly, the Water-Type Starter

Many players admire its stylish appearance and are happy to finally have a starter that looks like a duck.
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Quaxley is a duck-shaped water-type starter from the Pardia region. Many players admire its stylish appearance and are happy to finally have a starter that looks like a duck. It also has an HP of 55 and an attack of 65, which are comparable to Hueco’s stats.

Being a water type, it is resistant to steel, fire, water, and ice techniques. It is also weak to grass and electricity. At levels 1-35, it learns water, normal, and flying techniques such as Aqua Get, Water Gun, and Liquidize, but the power of its normal techniques only goes up to 85.

Quaxly Evolves Into Quaxwell at Level 16

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At level 16, it evolves into Quaxwell, which has 70 HP and 85 attack power. Quaxwell has the same strengths and weaknesses as Quaxley, and its abilities have the same power. So while a decent second evolution, it is not overly powerful, but will get the job done against Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and fellow Water Pokémon.

Quaquaval Is Quaxly’s Final Evolution

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The final evolved form of Quaxly, the dancing Pokémon “Quaquval,” appears at level 36. Players have had mixed reactions to this Pokémon. This is because it looks more like a peacock than a duck, which they find very attractive. As its title suggests, Kwakabalu is known for its “impressive dance,” but because it dances between attacks, it is not an intimidating final evolved form when compared to big names like Charidar, Blastoise, and Venusaur, leaving many players confused and disappointed.

Quabal’s basic stats, 85 HP and 120 attack, are also unremarkable. The attack power saw a nice jump from Quaxwell, but the HP almost guarantees that it will not last long against stronger opponents. Quaquval is also a water/fighting type, meaning it is weak to grass and electricity as well as psychic, faerie, and flight.

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