Are Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starters shiny-locked?

Shiny hunting in Pokémon Scarlett & Violet is fun and well understood, but there are some encounters that will never be Shiny. Here’s everything you need to know about Pardi’s Shiny starter Pokémon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are eager to explore the Pardia region, and with three stories, a Terra Raid nest, and new Shiny mechanics, there is plenty to do in the new Gen9. For many, the new Pikachu mechanic may be the game’s draw for new and returning hunters alike, with rare alternating colors of their favorite species.

In previous Pokémon games, the search for “Pikachu” has taken many forms. In “Sword and Shield,” you can “chain” rare encounters, and in “Legendary Heroes,” you can seek out large numbers of them. For the older games, legends and starters can also be soft-reset to go on a journey and catch a rare and powerful companion.

However, many are wondering if “Shiny Rock” will be implemented in “Pokémon Scarlet Violet” for certain races, such as starters, legends, and mythical Pokémon, which is a trend in recent games. Below is everything fans need to know about the “Shiny Rockers” in Generation 9.

Pardian starter Pokémon are Scarlett & Violet and shiny locked?

In the past, you could soft reset the game multiple times to get the Shiny Starter, but in recent generations, soft resets have been removed. This is likely due to the fact that there are now more cutscenes to begin the story and to get people to start the game instead of going for the Shiny Starter, which has a higher chance of happening.

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