GTA 6 Is About To Be Release In 2024? Microsoft leak reveals

According to documents regarding the Activision Blizzard acquisition that Sony is desperately trying to block, Microsoft believes that GTA 6 will be released in 2024.

GTA 6 is on track to be one of, if not the biggest, video game of all time. This highly anticipated title has been in development for years now, but Rockstar Games has yet to officially announce the game.

However, if Microsoft’s predictions are correct, we may finally see the game officially for the first time soon.

According to a 111-page document submitted to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, Microsoft believes GTA Vi will be released in 2024.

Microsoft predicts GTA 6 will launch in 2024

Insider-Gaming reports that hidden in the document was Microsoft’s word that “the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV will be released in 2024.”

Microsoft cites a leak from Tech Radar as the reason for this belief, but it is quite possible that the company has some additional knowledge about the planned release of GTA 6.

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