Amouranth embarrasses xQc by revealing what cost him a date with her.

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa made Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel blush a little when she revealed that a fellow streamer had refused her phone number for a date.

Relationships between Twitch stars have been under the microscope for years now as viewers try to figure out who is friends with whom and who is dating.

Streaming star xQc has tried to keep things under wraps, repeatedly referring to his longtime partner Adept as his “roommate.” But when the two broke up, he was not afraid to indicate his relationship with Nyxxii.

Similarly, Amouranth revealed to the Internet that she was married in mid-November but eventually broke up with her partner after an explosive stream of accusations of abuse against her partner. She has since delivered with a new boyfriend, but that role may have been xQc.

Amouranth claims xQc wouldn’t give her his number for the date

That’s what happened, according to Amouranth, who revealed during the November 24 IRL dating feed that xQc wouldn’t give him his phone number.

He saw my date with Chris and got mad because it wasn’t him,” he joked when informed that xQc was watching with him.

“He didn’t give me his number! X didn’t give me his number and ended up calling Nyxxii and cheating on me, so if I wanted to scream, I could have,” Amouranth added, much to xQc’s dismay.

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