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Pupperazzi is coming to Switch in early 2023

The concept behind Pupperazzi is quite simple and fun. Players are up-and-coming social media hounds (pun intended) trying to achieve Internet stardom through their doggie photos. With a camera in hand, players roam the streets and beaches, taking pictures of their four-legged friends. Collect photos of your pooch to earn upvotes and NFTs. Pupperazzi features a wide variety of good boys and girls, including terriers, pugs, labradors, and shivas. And when you’re not taking pictures, you can put your new canine friends, play fetch, dress them up (if they’re poorly),…

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Amouranth embarrasses xQc by revealing what cost him a date with her.

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa made Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel blush a little when she revealed that a fellow streamer had refused her phone number for a date. Relationships between Twitch stars have been under the microscope for years now as viewers try to figure out who is friends with whom and who is dating. Streaming star xQc has tried to keep things under wraps, repeatedly referring to his longtime partner Adept as his “roommate.” But when the two broke up, he was not afraid to indicate his relationship with Nyxxii.…

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