How to get Warzone 2 DMZ key for BC Toolbox

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, Al-Malik Airport is a heavily guarded area with lots of loot. In addition to supplying chests, there is also a locked tool chest cache that can be opened with a special key. This key can be found as random loot in the, but there is a surefire way to get it.

How to get the BC Toolbox key in the CoD DMZ

The BC Toolbox key is the reward for completing the Tier 3 Legion 5th faction mission, Tactical Extraction. This mission requires you to collect and extract 13 gas grenades, 11 flash grenades, and 7 snapshot grenades from the DMZ. Here is the most efficient way to complete this mission.

The key you have in your backpack is what you will need for the DMZ match. Visit the Al Malik Airport southwest of Al Mazrah to get the key.
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BC Toolbox keys

  • Equip your loadout with one of three tactics and equip it with a flashbang to participate in DMZ matches.
  • Complete a secure contract for nuclear material and make a huge amount of money fast.
  • Sell your nuclear fuel rods and buy a big backpack (if you don’t already have one).
  • Buy as many field upgrades for your ammo box as you can.
  • Stow your currently equipped flash grenades and toss the ammo box.
  • Refill the tactical slot and again store the two flash grenades you just received.
  • Repeat this process until you have 13 lightning bolts stored in your inventory, then exit.
  • Do the same with the Snapshot Grenade and Tear Gas.

Where is the BC Toolbox in the DMZ?

The BC Toolbox Key is automatically added to your inventory once you have extracted all the items you need. Place this key in your backpack and jump into the DMZ match by visiting Al Malik Airport, located southwest of Al Mazrah. There is a Toolbox in a marked location by the conveyor belt.

The BC Toolbox can be reached from the inside, but the easiest way is from the outside. Use the ladder to climb to the top of the building and find the entrance, as shown in the second image. Take the stairs down, and you will soon reach the toolbox.

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