Fortnite class-action lawsuit can proceed, says Canadian court

A 2019 class action lawsuit filed against Epic Games for allegedly “knowingly” creating the “very, very addictive” Fortnite has been allowed to proceed.

Epic Games had fought to have the lawsuit thrown out. Still, a Canadian court ruled that the parents who filed the lawsuit had a “valid products liability claim” against Epic and did not believe the claim was frivolous or patently baseless.

“The court held that the facts alleged with respect to the plaintiffs’ children, if placed in the context of certain expert statements regarding the creation of an addiction to video games, and more specifically Fortnite, it is possible to argue that the plaintiffs have a valid products liability claim against the defendants. ‘It is the opinion,’ said the ruling, as reported by CTV News.” The claim appears to be frivolous or clearly unfounded.”

Three parents from Quebec are suing Epic Games for intentionally designing Battle Royale to be “highly addictive,” claiming that their children have developed “severe addictions,” sometimes spending hundreds of dollars on the game without parental consent, according to CTV.

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