GTA Online: Where to find fuses at mount Chiliad silo

The final mission in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises” update takes players to the silos of Mount Chilliard. At this location, players will need to repair a power breaker by inserting four fuses. The fuses in Grand Theft Auto Online’s Mount Chilliard silo are quite difficult to find, so this guide is here to point players in the right direction if they are having trouble finding these items.

Mount Chiliad Silo Fuse Locations

The first fuse in the silo at Mt. Chilliard is located just past the room with the power breakers. Specifically, the fuse is located on the left side of the hallway, just after the breaker room, on top of a stack of two green crates. With this first fuse in hand, GTA Online players should proceed down the hallway and turn right when forced to do so.

After this first right turn, the player will continue forward and reach a point where he/she will make a left turn. At this left turn, there is one green crate containing a red toolbox. The second fuse is located right next to the toolbox; after collecting this item in GTA Online, proceed to a large room nearby, which is actually where the other two fuses are located.

To find the third fuse, proceed south through the large room and encounter a forklift. Beyond it is a small staircase, and at the top of that staircase is a brown wooden box. Again, get the fuse from the top of the crate and proceed to the fourth item.

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You will need to check two places to see where the last fuse is located. Both are at the bottom of the stairs you climbed to get the third fuse, so go down them when convenient. Then look to your left and destroy the box at the end of the forklift forks to reveal a workbench, where you may find the last fuse.

If there is no fourth fuse on that workbench, you will need to go back to the bottom of the stairs and look on the other side. Fans should be faced with a pile of crates marked “SUPPLIES,” so destroy them with your favorite GTA Online weapon. This operation will reveal a drill press and possibly the last fuse on that table.

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