Elden Ring players point out confusing detail about great Runes and Runes Arcs

Elden Ring players face numerous hard-fought bosses throughout the game. Some bosses are necessary to advance the storyline, but many are optional. All are challenging, but some are more difficult than others. Particularly challenging bosses are the shard bearers, such as Godric, Radarn, and Rykard, demigods who control the Elden Ring shards. After defeating them, players can skim Great Runes from them.

Depending on the player’s build, these Great Runes may have game-changing stats and abilities. For example, the first Great Rune available is from Godric, increasing all Elden Ring stats by 5. However, in a recent community discussion, the wording surrounding the Great Rune seems confusing to some players.

User penetration has seemingly stirred up this conversation

In the Elden Ring subreddit, penetration posted a screenshot of the game, which seems to have stirred up this topic, with over 15K upvotes as of this writing. The message is very simple. You have to use the Rune Arc to get the Great Rune effect, but the game makes it seem like there is a passive influence when in fact, that is not the case. Specifically, it shows where it says, “The rune arc can be used to give an even greater benefit to the equipped Great Rune.

The wording implies that the “Great Rune” provides some benefit when equipped, but the “Rune Arc” further enhances that benefit; this is not the case with the Elden Ring; the “Rune Arc” is a passive bonus, but the “Rune Arc” is not. This seemed to confuse many players, who equipped it with a passive bonus that did not exist. In hindsight, many say they should have realized that Godric’s Great Rune would not affect their stats, but there is something to be said for fans believing they would be buffed, and they were not.

The Elden Ring does not require much work on the player’s part, and this has been praised by many in the gaming community. On the other hand, however, there are some downsides. For example, many players may not have noticed at first that Fia’s hug on the Elden Ring provides a debuff and may not have realized what the little red block was. It is similar to this. The wording is confusing, and if players are not paying close attention, they may miss its exact use and effect.

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