How to Use Fortnite Port a Bunker

The Port-A-Bunker is one of the other new gameplay utility items introduced in the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. It focuses primarily on defeating aggressive enemies by building 1*1 steel-based structures that act as barriers in any combat scenario.

How to Get a Port-A-Bunker in “Fortnite

Port-A-Bunker can be obtained from chest boxes, more excellent boxes, and ground loots. Unlike Chrome Splash, which is rare and difficult to obtain, Port-A-Bunker is easy to find, mainly because it is found in many named landmark POIs and produces many Pokémon.

How to use Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite

The Port-A-Bunker can be used on any surface by deploying it with the slot button where the item is located. Using the pre-render of the object’s location, it can be used similarly to the previous season’s utility item, Launchpad/Camp.

When to use Port-A-Bunker in Fortnite?

Port-A-Bunker is a Fortnite-like defensive platform tile/item with a ramped surface and a door on one side of the character. Used alone or in conjunction with other standard building tiles, it shields aggressive enemies who often rush in.

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