Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter” Event Exploit Allows for Unlimited Donations

Destiny 2” Community Event Exploit Allows Players to Generate Unlimited Donations for the Eliksni Quarter Event, Possibly Accelerating Challenge Progress

The “Destiny 2” community event “Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter” was scheduled to begin approximately 12 hours ago. Players were expected to complete the event within about a week. Overnight, however, the donations needed to reach the event’s milestone surpassed 400 million. This may be partially related to an exploit that allows players to turn in an unlimited number of map fragments in the space game.

Players could not turn in map fragments as reward currency until. The community reached the first milestone of 40 million Captain’s Coins. Once this number is reached, players will soon learn of an exploit that allows them to quickly generate unlimited map fragments.


To trigger this exploit, players must have the Under One Banner upgrade. Must also have the Rumored Treasure Map unlocked from the game’s seasonal content.

Treasure Map and visit the donation

Players must select the Treasure Map and visit the donation area to donate all coordinates. By going back and forth between the Map and the Rumored Treasure Map. Players can donate up to eight pieces of the Map at a time.

Many players have commented that they have taken advantage of this exploit.

Bungie’s official support account has yet to acknowledge the issue or mention a patch. Players have already taken advantage of this exploit even if Bungie patches the problem. It would be difficult to get the collection to not consider the map fragments obtained through the exploit. It doesn’t seem easy to undo.

However, if Bungie were to apply a patch, there is a possibility that the players. The individual reward could be restored to what it would have been without the exploit.


It is also unclear if the exploit has had any real impact on the amount of currency generated by the community. At the same time, the exploit is an easy way to generate fragments. It is also true that many players are turning in destination materials at a 1:1 ratio. Now that such materials are depreciating in Destiny 2 Season 19, many Guardians are eager to eliminate them.

Regardless, this event seems well on its way to a successful conclusion. Perhaps this storyline will lead the Guardians into the next season and prepare them for what to expect in the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, introducing the Destiny 2 Strand subclass to the game.

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