The Cloud9 team releases Jensen, an LoL star

Cloud9 is pleased to announce the release of mid-laner Nicolaj Jensen. Jensen for the 2023 League of Legends season.

Jensen has been a consistent presence in Cloud9’s League of Legends. Since being brought on to the North American team in 2015. He initially played for the team through 2019, bringing his talents to Team Liquid after leading. Cloud9 to a Top 4 finish at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship.

After missing the spring split, Jensen returned to the blue and white team in the summer of 2022. He returned to the mid lane, which gave teammate Ibrahim. ‘Fudge’ Allami the opportunity to return to the top lane in his day job.

Previously with Cloud9, Dane was able to lead the organization to Worlds. The Mid-Season Invitational but was unable to win a national title at the League Champions Series. in 2022. Cloud9 will be returning to this LCS 2022 Championship with a mid-laner. Defeating 100 Thieves 3-0 in the Grand Final, and everything changed.

Jensen said in the announcement video. “I’m pretty happy just to be back and winning because it’s like I owe it to C9.”

With Cloud9, the mid laner has participated in six international events. Had its deepest run ever as a North American team in a major event in 2018.

The Danish mid-laner will now officially enter free agency for the 2023 season. However, he has already been linked to Dignitas for the upcoming season. Making this organization his third team in over seven years of North American play.

Dignitas is building a solid roster of star players. Jensen is said to be in line to join Lucas ‘Santorin’Tao Kilmer Larsen and İrfan Berk ‘Armut’ Tükek on the team.

Former Cloud9 mid-laner Jensen will return to his former team ahead of the 2022 LCS Summer Split. According to a report by Alejandro Gomis of Blix. Gg.


Jensen, who has seven years of experience in the LCS, was left without a team for 2022. League of Legends professional league season. He spent three seasons as a mid-laner for Team Liquid before being replaced by Bjergsen.

During his time with Liquid, Jensen took the team to three consecutive World Championships. Throughout his career, Jensen has never qualified for a World Championship.

Jensen most recently played for C9 during the 2018 season. That year, he helped C9 advance to the semifinals at Worlds and, in turn, made the team the first North American team to reach the top four in the tournament’s history after its merger with the Eastern League.

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