How to choose a starter for Pokémon Scarlett and Violet, all starter evolutions

Pokémon Scarlett and Violet are here! When you start the game, you may wonder which of the three Pokémon to choose first. The leaks have now revealed the final form of each starter Pokémon! Bookmark this page if you want to avoid spoilers.

Based on the online reactions, it is clear that Spriggatito is the most popular starter Pokémon this time around. Unfortunately, Spriggatito becomes bipedal when it evolves. It first evolves into a “Flora Gato” and then into a “Meowthkarada” (pictured above). It becomes a grass/dark type and can make its flower stalks invisible, making it look like it’s floating!

Choosing a Pokémon Scarlet Violet starter Pokémon is one of the first things you do in the game.

As usual, there are three types of Pokémon: the grass-type Spriggertyte, the fire-type Huecocho, and the water-type Quaxley, each with a second and third evolution available.

This page will help you choose the best Pokémon Scarlett and Violet starter for you and further help you decide on its evolution.

How to Choose the Right Starter for You in Pokémon Scarlett and Violet

As with Scarlett and Violet, choosing a starter is one of the most important aspects of any Pokémon game.

However, in this open-world game, you can go around the gyms in any order, which may give you more options. In other words, you can concentrate on building a team that compensates for the weaknesses of your chosen Pokémon rather than choosing a starter that can easily take on the first gym.

How to choose a starter for Pokémon Scarlett and Violet, all starter evolutions
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Although choosing a starter is subjective, there are a few things to consider.

First, Hueco is compatible with the two gyms closest to the starting point. They are insect- and grass-type gyms, so Hueco, a flame-type Pokémon, is a blast.

Hueco’s third evolution, Skeldilj, is a flame and ghost type, so it can easily take on the Ghost and Psychic gyms. It also has high HP and Suicide Attack numbers but low-Speed numbers. However, it has the unconscious ability to ignore all statistical changes given to it.

On the other hand, quality has an advantage over Team Star Fire Crew. Quackabalu – the third evolution of it – is a water and fighting type Pokémon. This interesting type combination gives Quaquaval an advantage against normal-type gyms.

Quaquaversal has the highest attack statistic out of all the starter Pokémon final evolutions. This number can be even higher thanks to the “Moetsuki” ability, which increases the attack power of this Pokémon every time the opponent is stunned.

Finally, Spriggatito is an excellent choice for endgame challenges such as Elite 4. It is also strong enough to fight early-stage Water-type gyms, but you must be creative with your team composition.

The final evolution, Meowthkarada, is a Grass and Dark type, making it a Pokémon that can fight favorably in Psychic and Ghost-type gyms. It also has a high attack power and the highest speed of all starter Pokémon, but its HP is low. Meowthkarada has the “Proteus” ability, which changes its type to match the attack it has used before.

It is important to note that Nemona, your rival in the Victory Road storyline, will always choose a starter that is weak to the Pokémon of your choice. This means that you will always have an advantage over Ramona.

Each Pokémon has its advantages and disadvantages, but the final decision is yours, so if there is a Pokémon you like, choose it.


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