When fishing in Minecraft, Players get an enchanted fishing Rod

When fishing in Minecraft, Players get an enchanted fishing Rod

Minecraft fishing Rod often get lucky and secure loot as they go about their day. One such player with the Reddit username happy_droid was fishing in the Bedrock Edition when a particularly nice fishing rod was Found.

On November 13, 2022, this user posted a photo of the fishing rod on the official Minecraft subreddit.

The fishing tackle had the enchantments Unbreaking III, Luck of the Sea III, Lure III, and Mending I. Unfortunately, it also had the enchantment Curse of Vanishing. However, it is very rare to get it while fishing.

The Minecraft Reddit community was quite excited about happy_droid’s loot pickup. Interesting conversations quickly ensued about how to get fishing rods and what to do with magical, high-quality items.

Minecraft subreddit reacts to user happy_droid’s enchantment discovery

After happy_droid explained that the fishing rod was looted and not enchanted by him, Minecraft players on the subreddit engaged in friendly conversation.

When fishing in Minecraft, Players get an enchanted fishing Rod
Image Credit: fictionhorizon

Many players stated that their favorite way to get an enchanted fishing rod is to fish for it rather than enchant it themselves. Sure, it saves experience and lapis lazuli. However, the results may vary regarding what fishing rod to loot from the ocean floor.

Other Minecraft players’ comments focus on the Curse of Disappearance, applied to fishing rods. This enchantment has a negative effect. If a player dies while holding a fishing rod, the fishing rod will disappear, and the player will not be able to retrieve it upon returning to the point of death.

Some players joked that this enchantment was not available in hardcore mode. Others said the “Curse of Vanishing I” in the Bedrock Edition implies a hidden level to the curse. This is certainly not true, but it is interesting to think about.

Certainly, Minecraft players who were unaware of the benefits of fishing have learned that they can secure some pretty amazing items while fishing.

Hopefully, happy_droid’s post will help newcomers and players unfamiliar with fishing fully appreciate its usefulness. In the comments, many players stated that even bypassing the enchantment table altogether is quite overpowered, as it is possible to receive very powerful enchanted items through fishing.

Happy_droid’s post makes me want to go out on the water and try fishing myself to see what I can find. You might find some great enchanted items if you let your fishing line drop.

Whether you use the Java or Bedrock version, there’s a good chance you’ll get some great enchanted gear.

Ranking of All Fishing Enchantments in Minecraft

Until the latest Minecraft 1.18 update, there were only five Enchantments available for Fishing rods. In this article, we will rank the enchantments that can be used in the game. While you’re at it, you might also want to check out our Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide.

  • Sea Luck III: Increases your chances of getting valuable items from fishing.
  • Lure III: Reduces the time it takes for fish to bite the bait.
  • Mending III: Converts XP gained into endurance.
  • Unbreaking III: Increases the durability of the fishing rod.
  • Curse of Disappearance I: After death, the fishing rod disappears and no longer drops.



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