A player from ALGS gives Mad Maggie a run for her money in Apex Legends

Apex Legends pro player and ALGS gives Mad Maggie recently demonstrated that even low-pick Legends could be a possibility under the right circumstances.

In a video released by Twitter user Apex Journo. Cleave takes on another squad as Mad Maggie. In this video, shot during a recent ALGS match, Cleave effectively uses nearly all of Maggie’s abilities.

After firing briefly at the enemy, he launches Maggie’s wrecking ball into the canyon at World’s Edge, suppressing the ball’s bounce and increasing the mayhem it causes. Shortly thereafter. Cleave fires Maggie’s Riot Drill into the side of the cliff, instantly damaging the enemy and driving them from their lair. After this emotional battle, Cleave and his team would go on to win the match.

A player from ALGS gives Mad Maggie a run for her money in Apex Legends
(Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Mad Maggie is not a very popular Apex legend. After her appearance in Season 12, her pick rate increased slightly. But she quickly fell to the bottom of the pick rate list; according to Apex Legends Status, as of this writing, she is the fifth most picked, ahead of Gibraltar, Rampart, and Newcastle. Crypto Legends, ahead of Gibraltar, Rampart, Newcastle, and Crypt. Despite this, cleaveee and her team have used her in their configurations so many times that they are known to pick her.

Mad Maggie is an unpopular pick for many players. But Cleave’s video proves that just because the pick rate is low doesn’t mean Legend is useless. The seer was in a similar situation at an ALGS earlier this year.

Shortly after, the second year of the ALGS ended. Seer’s popularity skyrocketed, and regular players took tips from the pros on how to use Seer effectively and in various compositions.

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