The Witcher 3 Update for Next-Gen Consoles CD Projekt Red Reveals

CD Projekt Red has finally released gameplay footage of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series versions of The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt reveals all the upgrades coming to the next-generation console versions of the 2015 RPG. The video, released on CD Projekt Red’s Twitch Livestream, outlines the upgraded visuals, all-new quests, cross-progressions, and more that … Read more

The Witcher 3: Next-gen: Will update to consoles in December 2022

The Witcher 3: Next-gen: Will update to consoles

The Witcher 3, CD PROJEKT RED’s award-winning role-playing game, has been enhanced to consider the power of next-generation game consoles. The latest PC hardware, with dozens of visual, performance and technical enhancements over the original version. For example, ray tracing support and faster load times on consoles. Integration of various mods, along with new additional … Read more