Sea of Stars, a prequel to The Messenger, will be released in 2023

During Nintendo's Inside the House of Indies Holiday Event streaming, sabotage Studio released

Nintendo and Sabotage Studio have released new information about Sea of Stars. A prequel to the retro video game The Messenger. Sabotage Studio announced that the highly anticipated prequel will be released in 2023. The film was originally announced for 2020 and was to have been released earlier but was pushed back to next year. … Read more

Lost Between Worlds, the ‘Far Cry 6 DLC’ launches December 6; its free trial is now available

There will be a free trial of the base game and the sci-fi DLC "Lost Between Worlds" for Far Cry 6 on December 6...

Ubisoft has announced that not only will “Far Cry 6 DLC” receive the new sci-fi DLC “Lost Between Worlds” on December 6. But the base game itself will have a free demo version. So that those who want to try out the latest instalment of the open-world series can sample the early stages of the … Read more