‘Sexual assault’ custom game mode reveals a glaring Overwatch moderation problem

Note: Content warning: This news story includes descriptions of sexual assault. See the original story here. Since its free-to-play launch earlier this month, Overwatch 2 has seen an influx of user-created custom game modes. Like many FPS games with custom server browsers, Overwatch 2’s custom games can be named anything Blizzard’s word filter, and character … Read more

Overwatch 2 hero’s most effective counters

Among the best Overwatch 2 heroes to counter Roadhog is Ana; Zarya; Reaper; Widowmaker. Ana is the best hero to counter Reaper...

The new game, “Overwatch 2,” is still in the process of being balanced. The original “Overwatch” was an exceptionally well-balanced game, but with all of the extensive changes that its sequel has made, the latter is still finding its feet. Despite this, the game continues to stand as a shining example of live-game balance, and … Read more