Warframe Best Builds for Corufell (2023)

The Colwell is perhaps the coolest weapon to come out of “Citrine’s Last Wish”. It is the second heaviest scythe weapon in the game and a shotgun when it comes to heavy attacks. The gun blade has reached a whole new dimension. With that said, what is the best build for the Warframe Korfel Heavy Scythe?

The new Warframe update “Citrine, a usable scythe, has been introduced along with the all-new “Steflos” shotgun. Its name is Korfel, one of Warframe’s two heavy scythes, which also doubles as a shotgun for heavy attacks. Cool, right? So what is the best build for the Korphel?

Best Mods for the Warframe Colpel

The Korwel can be used as a melee weapon or as a weapon that fires projectiles. This means that two different builds can be used for either play style.

Colwell Ranged Build

This build focuses on maximizing damage against both armoured and conventional units with a heavy shotgun attack and features the following mods.

Galeforce Dawn
Primed pressure point
gladiator power
Gladiator Vice
fatal blow
sacrificial steel
amalgam organ rupture
Corrupt charge

Korpel melee attack build

If you are not comfortable using a heavy attack shotgun and want to use this weapon as such, a melee build will allow you to focus on making the most attacks to do more damage than the long-term cause.

Galeforce Dawn
state overload
drifting contact
Virulent scourge
Voltaic Strike
bleeding wounds
organ rupture
primed anger

Many powerful weapons can be used with the morphed, making it suitable for various playstyles; in Warframe, you can use the Kuva Nukor, Cedo, or other powerful weapons.

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