Hogwarts Legacy Mind Your Own Business” full rehearsal

The Hogwarts Legacy offers a variety of main and side quests as you progress through the game, but few can compare to the “mind your own business” quest. This quest is exclusive to PlayStation® players but will be available on other platforms in 2024. This guide explains how to complete the “Mind Your Own Business” quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to accomplish Mind Your Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy

Go to Hogsmeade and find Penny, the house elf, in front of the store on the village’s east side. Talk to her, and she will tell you that Cassandra Mason is selling this store and if you want to buy it, talk to her. To purchase Cassandra’s store, you will need 1500 Galleons. Cassandra is located in northern Hogsmeade.

Go back to Penny and tell her you bought the store. Go inside and use the repair spell to start the repairs. After cleaning up, talk to Penny, and she will give you the key to the treasure chest at the back of the room. Open this, and you will see a Director on the way down.

You will arrive in the basement. Once you go down, the ladder will be gone, and you will have no choice but to continue. Walk down and find a small breast in the room with the dummy. Open this, and you will receive a small hat fit for a house elf. The lights begin to flicker as if the mannequins have come to life. The room appears empty except for the dummy hanging from the ceiling.

At this point, Fastido begins to speak and taunt you; Lumos’ magic brightens the room, and an examination of the walls reveals a hidden door. Open the door, and Fastido will fly in and open all the doors in the long hall. Go through the door at the end of the hall, and the place turns into a torture dungeon.

When you pass through the door that opens, the scene changes again. Continue straight ahead, and you will arrive at a room with double doors and different lanterns; use the magic of Wingardium Leviosa to move the lantern in the right opening to the right of the door. This will light the door, and you can proceed.

Eventually, you will face Fastidio. After Fastidio leaves, you must dodge the floating furniture, or you will take damage. You can also destroy the furniture with a bomb bird. You will then have to choose between the right or left path. The left path is the scholar’s route, while the right path is a stairwell.

The left path – Hogwarts Legacy

You are in the library with the large statue in the center. Walk to the right of the statue and enter the dining area. Turn left and run up to the door to move through the room. You are now in a room with three doors.

Left door

This will take you back to the basement. Use the ladder to get through the floor and return to the room with the three doors.

Central door

This door leads to a hallway that goes around. Instead, turn around and go back, and you will find a door. When you enter this one, the spider will jump on you. You will then return to a room with three doors.

The door on the right

This is the room with the mannequin and jack. From the room with the mannequins, move to the hallway with the mannequins. The mannequins will attack you, so protect yourself. After destroying the last mannequin, you will return to the room with three doors.
You will need to enter all the doors, but the last one will take you back to the dining area. Return to the library and use Wingardium Leviosa on the lantern you found. Place the hand of the statue next to the library door inside. Enter the library.

Follow the path to the left of the statue. Go to the end of the hallway to the balcony of the upside-down room. Turn around and go back to the stairs in the hallway. You will then be able to enter the room below the balcony. Use the stairs here and go to the right. Use the Accio spell here to get the lantern.

The next door will open. Take the lamp, go through the door, and place it on the statue of a hand in the room. From the lamp, head left and go through the upside-down door. Go through this room to the other side and up the stairs. There is another lantern floating there, so cast Wingardium Leviosa and place the lantern on the other hand statue.

Please go through the door that appears and pull the lantern toward it to rotate the room. Take the lantern down and place it on the hand statue next to the door leading to the library. Enter the library and pick up the lantern again. Place it next to the other lantern you just placed.

The room’s double doors will open, revealing a staircase; head upstairs, and Fastidio will appear. Dodge the floating furniture until he leaves. Go down the stairs, through the library, and take the right path you just took to return to the foyer.

Extra Help Pass – Hogwarts Legacy

You are in a stairwell. You will need two lanterns to open the door. Go left and go to the end of the hallway. Turn around, and mannequins will surround you. Turn around again, and you will spawn a door; destroy. The boards Block it, and I enter the door to find a room full of doors.

Turn left, throw Wingardium Leviosa and grab the lantern across the gap. Place it on the statue of a hand on your standing platform. Continue through the open door, then through the boarded-up door, until you are back in the room full of doors. Use the Wingardium Leviosa again and place the lantern on the statue. Move the lantern so that the two statues on the far right and in the middle hold the lantern.

Go through the door that opens on the far right. Go to the door on the other side, slam it down, then turn around and destroy the mannequin attacking you. Another door will open, and you will be in a hallway. As the lights go out, throw the Lumos back down the hallway and go to the door that opens. Go inside, open the chest and go to another hallway. Go straight ahead with the lantern to return to the stairwell. Place the lantern on the statue and continue to the right.

You are in a new room with a fireplace, a lantern, and a statue. Place the lantern on the statue and enter through the door on the right. Continue until you find the game wizard chess; pour Revelio to find the path and reuse it if it disappears. Keep walking until you return to the room with the fireplace.

Take the lantern from the statue on the other side of the gap and move it to the statue in the room you are now standing in. You will then have a path across it. Walk across and enter the door that opens on the right. Take the lantern in front of you and place it on the statue in the stairwell in front of the double doors. When the double doors open, go down the stairs.

Continue to the room where Fastidio awaits. Avoid the furniture and destroy the mannequins that appear. Then return to the foyer and enter the now open door. Continue ahead, and you will arrive at the cemetery. After passing through the gate, you will encounter Fastidio again and have to fight the boss.

How to defeat Fastidio in “Hogwarts Legacy

Defeat the Fastidio monster made of furniture while dodging Fastidio’s furniture. They move the same way as trolls, so fight them in the same way as trolls. It may look like you have defeated it, but Fastidio will now bring this construct back to life with the help of the dummy.

How to Beat Cassandra Mason at Hogwarts Legacy

Go with Officer Singer to see Cassandra Mason. When she is sued, she will stupefy and KO Singer. It is up to you to defeat Mason and bring her to justice. This fight is not too difficult, but you should have protego and blunt ready; Depulso and Confringo are also good spells to bring.

Mason will attack you with basic attacks and throw things at you; use Protego to dodge and attack her. When you get down to one-third of her health, Mason will put up a shield; use Stupefy to break it and continue attacking. She will use all her magic when she is down to two-thirds of her health. Dodge and use Protego and Stupefy to continue defeating her.

Once Mason is defeated, Singer will lock her up and tell you that the store’s ownership and Penny will be transferred to you. Return to the store and talk to Penny. You can choose to set Penny free or keep her. After making your choice, you can name your business and complete the Mind Your Business quest.

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