Today’s Wordle answer is #560, and a hint for December 31

Wordle is a daily word game with simple, straightforward rules, but it can be hard to excel; to win at Wordle, some players may want to know the rules, strategies, answer hints, or even the answers themselves.

Wordle 560 answer for December 31: It’s the last day of the year, and Wordle has decided to make it a fun time for you. Today’s Wordle is relatively simple, and as a result, the game won’t give you any unnecessary headaches on this festive day. You can easily find the answers in 5-10 minutes over a cup of morning tea or coffee. However, if you don’t want to feel the pressure to solve the puzzle today, you can always check Wordle’s hints and clues. If you still can’t solve the puzzle, scroll to the bottom to see the solution.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle was originally developed by an indie developer but was acquired by New York Times Games in February 2022. This is the version presented in this article; other versions may have different answers and slightly different rules. Here is a breakdown of how to play this original word game.


  • First, choose a Wordle starting word. A good word is one that contains a variety of letters, has five letters, and is not a proper noun. Also, avoid past answers and plural nouns ending in S or ES.
  • Human editors currently edit Wordle. So, remember that some words may be thematic to the holidays.
  • Type your chosen word into the site or app and press Enter.
  • The letters will change colour, providing a clue to the true answer. Green letters indicate correct answers, grey letters indicate incorrect answers, and yellow letters indicate correct answers but in the wrong place.
  • With these clues in mind, try a new word.
  • The word will also change the colour of the letters, giving the player even more clues.
  • Players have a total of six tries to reach the answer and lose.
  • Puzzles are reset daily at midnight local time.
  • Please use the Spoiler Share button in the Wordle menu to avoid giving out the answer to others, as there will only be one puzzle daily.

Wordle 560 Tips for December 31, 2022

If you just want a hint, check below. There are a few clues without complete spoilers.

  • Today’s 5-letter Wordle word ends with the letter Y.
  • This word has no duplicate letters.
  • This word is an adjective.
  • It has only one vowel.
  • It contains the letter M.
  • This word also contains L.

Answers to Wordle #560 for December 31, 2022

If anyone is looking for the full answer to today’s Wordle, please check below the image. Spoilers for today’s puzzle can be found there.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 560 is MANLY.

Wordle is available in any browser.

Wordle archive Which words were used?

By remembering the answers to past Wordle puzzles, you are more likely to be able to guess today’s Wordle answer without accidentally choosing a pre-existing answer. Also, by relating past Wordle answers to words that are likely to appear in the future, you can keep your daily puzzles fresh and fun.

Here are some recent Wordle answers.

  • December 30: MOLAR
  • December 29: HAVOC
  • December 28: IMPEL
  • December 27: CONDO
  • December 26: JUDGE
  • December 25: EXTRA
  • December 24: POISE
  • December 23: AORTA

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