Alpha Build of Horizon Forbidden West Leaked, Offers Glimpse Behind the Scenes

An alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online, one of the biggest games of 2022. Even getting nominated for several awards. It’s a shame that it was overshadowed by games like The Elden Ring, which was released simultaneously. But Horizon Forbidden West was still a solid sequel that players enjoyed and helped make the PS5 worthwhile.

Horizon Forbidden West

The game was also available on PS4, but games like “God of War Ragnarok” were delayed from 2021. Many PS5 fans were looking for a new exclusive game. Finally got the attention it deserved during the first few months of 2022. filled that void of first-party games.


Now, something unique is being offered to those passionate about Horizon Forbidden West. The game’s inner workings and other valuable behind-the-scenes aspects of the game. An alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West has been leaked online, giving fans a glimpse into what the early stages of the game are like. Fans can now see what the early stages of the game look like. This build, played by playtesters and given feedback during the game’s development in 2020, is rough around the edges.

Some cutscenes are only storyboarded, there are voice synthesized voices, and it’s not yet a shiny, clean game. But at the moment, the game is what it is. Fans of this kind of thing can probably expect to find all sorts of interesting nuggets when they dig into these elements. Some have suggested that this could be used to make an unofficial PC port. Still, it remains to be seen if there is a basis for making this happen.

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Sony will be very reluctant to make this public, which is very interesting. We don’t often get a transparent look at how a game is made and how it looks. That’s why people are surprised that the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI, leaked earlier this year, is not very beautiful.

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