Pokémon Scarlett & Violet Cinderella Raid Revealed in Full Details

Players are excited as details of the Pokémon Scarlett & Violet Cinderce Terra Raid have been released.
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New details about the potential rewards and movesets for the Pokémon Scarlett & Violet Cinderella Raid have surfaced.

Pokémon Scarlett & Violet

Players are excited as details of the Pokémon Scarlett & Violet Cinderce Terra Raid have been released. While the performance and technical issues of Pokémon Scarlett & Violet have been the focus since its November release, overall, many fans love the experience. There is plenty to keep fans engaged with the game, from fan art, community creations, and countless player gameplay clips.

In addition to community contributions, Game Freak tries to keep the game fresh with additional content. It will be interesting to see if DLC and expansion content like “Pokémon Sword and Shield” will be available, but at the moment, the company is adding a new event battle for Terra Raid. First introduced was an event called “The Strongest Mark Charidar,” which offered fans the chance to catch a fire dragon for a limited time. The next Terra Raid will feature Cinderella.

Pokémon sword and shield starters

In honor of the Year of the Rabbit, the next Terra Raid will feature Cinderellas, former Pokémon sword and shield starters, over two weekends, December 30-January 1 and January 13-January 15. The Terra type is “Fighting,” and we expect to see Pokémon with powerful counters such as Fairy, Flying, and Psychic, as well as fire-type moves.


“Pokémon Scarlet Violet” players can try to catch level 100, 7-star Cinderace as often as they want, but they can only catch it once. With the help of the Pokémon fan site Serebii, Cinderace now has the “Strongest Mark” and can use a variety of moves, including the High Jump Kick, Pyroball, Acrobatics, and Iron Head, as well as Bulk Up. There will also be a chance to win great rewards such as candies, Tera shards, ability patches, bottle caps, TMs, and more.

Players were generally concerned that other Fire-type starters were featured in this Tera Raid event. In Charizard, Azumarill proved a strong counter and made the fight easier. Unfortunately, Azumarill’s type is a water and fairy type, so it is resistant to fire techniques and very effective against the pure fighting type creatures that Cinderace becomes when Terastallized, so it will again be a great counter to Cinderace It is.


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