What are the best builds of the Elden Ring?

If you are looking for a fun build or want an edge, we have everything you need to make the best Elden Ring builds in PvP and PvE.

Looking for the best Eldenring build? The first 20 levels form the entire Eldenring class, so it is important to choose your stats carefully. As an astrologer, you can devote points to faith, but you may want to choose sorcery to maximize your late-game damage.

Elden Ring

But what Elden Ring is best for you, some builds like Hoarfrost Stomp are not as powerful as they used to be, but newer builds like Swarm of Flies are emerging to replace them. If your build has been nerfed, don’t be afraid. If you can get your hands on the Great Rune of a certain Elden Ring, you can unlock your character respecs and create a new build!


The wide range of character customization makes Elden Ring a special RPG game, but if you want to destroy your enemies easily, you need to create a powerful tarnish. Here’s what you need to do to create the best Eldenring build, including where to allocate your status points and what items you need to find, including the best Eldenring weapons.

Colossal Knight Strength Build

  • Starting Class: Barbarian
  • Key Stats: Strength 21+, Endurance 25, Vigor 25
  • Required Items War: Cry Ash of War, Ax Talisman, Lower Medallion, Great Weapon, Colossal Weapon

A strong early to mid-game build for those who like pure strength and smashing enemies with huge swords, courtesy of Fextralife. It is a risky build because of its very long wind-up time, but it can do a lot of damage to the enemy with every hit. Also, even if the enemy cannot be killed with one hit, a second hit can be delivered by expending a large amount of stamina. As you approach the game’s midpoint, you may need more swings, for which there is special guidance.

Strength is a key statistic, but the amount needed depends on the weapon chosen; Endurance and Vigor are also important and should enhance the load status of the equipment. Endurance increases stamina, which is useful for continuous attacks and escapes. You will also appreciate the increase in Vigor, as this build often deals heavy blows, especially against bosses.


Large weapons and Warcry Ashes of War are needed. Any large sword or huge weapon will do, but to use the Warcry, it is necessary to apply Weapon Arts. This not only buffs the damage but also changes the R2 attack to a charge attack with an overhead swing.

This is important because it not only deals tremendous damage but also allows you to interrupt the enemy’s attack pattern by rushing at them before launching an overhead attack. Depending on the enemy’s posture, this can either knock them to the ground or stagger them with a high probability, allowing for a critical hit.

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