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The “Final Fantasy XIV” housing classification has been changed to make it

Ask any Final Fantasy XIV player what the most difficult game is. Many of them will tell you that buying a home in many areas of Eorzea is frightening. Square Enix has tried to make it more accessible but could not come up with the perfect solution to replace adding wards. Patch 6.3 does just that; a new list has been uploaded. Which wards are now free or private, and which of those wards are now private? Wards are reclassified based on housing demand, which is becoming increasingly complicated as it gets more and more complex.

How you compare your choices to your character, how you use the same things. Ignore that they are often recombined, inconsistent, and have all the lore. You have to physically take a ward and use an empty parcel symbol on a map to see what it is currently set to. Once people have memorized the houses they have access to, the wards switch, and the process repeats itself.


The latest update, Square Enix

In the latest update, Square Enix has added several more wards and their sellers and business owners. The list is very intimidating as the new government is adding new spaces. The first two words are free companies, then a collection of ones with both sets, private and some, and randomly the 25th one with only free companies is it. Similarly, the new data center wards are classified completely differently than the old servers.

The steps to get there can take all the fun out of it. The lottery is available for purchase now; in that case, you need to be just as careful as you would in a lottery. For example, you must pray that luck will be on your side for the wards with bosses. We hope that Square Enix will make it easier to buy a house.

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