PS6 (PlayStation 6): Price, release date, specs, and other rumors

The latest PlayStation came out in 2020. But there’s no wrong time to talk about what’s coming next: the PlayStation 6. While still a few years away, it will more easily expand the internal storage and be slimmer than the PS5. (If we’re allowed to dream) including a wireless charging pad and modular upgrade capabilities. Other enhancements are expected to be included.

When will the PS6 be released?

The demise of traditional gaming consoles has been talked about for years. Could we possibly see Sony miniaturize it into a “Studer”-like a device, like a flash drive that plugs into a TV? Possibly. Let’s assume, hypothetically, that a PlayStation 6 is actually in development.

Sony has been releasing a new PlayStation every few years. Since the PS3, Sony has been offering new game consoles late in the year. So one would expect the PS6 to be no different.


One indicator that this console will be available is that Sony has already secured trademarks for versions up to PS10. Of course, this proves nothing, but it does hint at some future.

Another is the relationship between when Sony began the development of the new PlayStation and when it will appear. While this should not be taken as evidence, it is interesting to consider.

Development of the PS4 began in 2008, and it was released five years later.
Development of the PS5 began in 2015, and it was released five years later.
Based on Sony’s job postings for 2021, which suggest the development of a new console. The release date for PS6 is estimated to be around 2026.

On the other hand, if Sony follows the PS4 launch schedule. The PS5 Pro or Slim would appear before the PS6. According to one source, Sony’s new PS5 could be released around September 2023, with a removable disk drive that connects to the console via a USB-C port on the back.

PS6 Price Rumors

The past few game consoles have been priced between $400 and $500. We don’t know what kind of hardware or additional features. Improvements the next generation PlayStation will have and whether its price will swing either way.

For now, we believe it could be around $600.

Regarding pre-orders

Pre-orders will be available on the official PlayStation website after the official announcement from Sony. We will let you know when that time comes.

Features of PS6

Details at this stage are merely hopes and wishes. However, since game consoles are constantly changing, some features can be guessed with some accuracy. Just don’t take it too seriously yet.

Built-in wireless. The latest PlayStation® already connects to the Internet wirelessly. But we’re talking about an area on top of the console, or a sliding arm, for charging accessories. You can place cell phones, headphones, controllers, or anything else that supports wireless charging.

It may feel strange initially, but it is a great way to take advantage of the PS6. Always-on connectivity and regularly charge the products (and PS6 controller) you use. If a wireless adapter for the headset is included with the console. There is no need for a DualSense charging station or a wireless USB dongle.

Enhanced storage. Expanding the PS5’s storage is possible but not easy if the internal hard drive is running low, and we hope that Sony will make the internals of the PS6 more accessible so that the hard drive can be replaced with a larger one (e.g., plug-and-go models, etc.).

Of course, you can use an external drive, but you won’t get the same read speeds you can get with an internal NVMe SSD. Unless this is a new way to upgrade the drive, a larger SSD will suffice for most people.

Fusion with VR: This is where the evolution of gaming begins. Currently, to enjoy virtual reality gaming, you have to buy a separate device to connect to your existing computer or game console; with the PS6, we might put the motion controller and headset in the same box as the console. It won’t.

Ultimate backward compatibility: We want to make sure that when we buy a game, we can play it for a long time, and ideally, the PS6 should be backward compatible with older consoles, going back to the first generation of “PlayStation” consoles.

Revamped user interface: It is common for any technology to have a revamped user interface with each new version, especially when dealing with a console that is half a century in the cycle, and we expect the PlayStation®Store to be updated and easier to use as well.

PS6 Specs and Hardware

The PlayStation 6 will undoubtedly be improved in many ways beyond the features listed above, but since it has been several years since its launch, it is not helpful at this time to speculate on what hardware will be offered at that time.

In general, however, one would expect a PlayStation with a faster, more powerful CPU and responsive controls.

The concept video released by DZ Migo, which is entirely made up and just for fun, is one perspective on this console regarding design. Like the creator’s other quirky concepts, the PS6 looks rugged and dark, incorporating elements that seem to have been taken from various versions of the Xbox, making it very different from the PS5. There are also renderings of the PS6 that are completely different from those of the PS6.

But on the other hand, Sony could go in the opposite direction and borrow design aspects of older game consoles and go, minimalist. At least, that’s the idea behind this PS6 concept from Yanko Design.

More details about the console’s design, games, backward compatibility, controllers and headsets, and other hardware details will become clearer as we get closer to launch.

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